Apple Music Replay: How to find your top songs and artists of 2023

Apple Music launched its own look back in 2023 in music, Apple Music Replay.

The company’s take on Spotify Wrapped, which allows users to look back at their most played songs and artists of the year, arrived on Wednesday 30 November.

Apple Music Replay 2022: How to get your most-played songs with the new ‘year in review’ feature

This year, Apple’s music replay feature is more akin to Spotify’s year-end Wrapped roundup, including a highlight reel.

It’s almost the end of another year, and digital services are in full swing, presenting users with their year-end recaps, from most-watched videos to most-liked photos to most-streamed artists and songs.

It’s the latter that Apple Music’s 2022 Replay feature reveals. Replay has been completely redesigned by Apple this year-and it’s much better than before. In prior years, Apple Music’s Replay was just a constantly updated playlist of your most-played songs, which you could access throughout the year. With the 2022 Apple Music Replay, the feature is more like Spotify’s year-end Wrapped roundup, featuring a tiled “highlight reel” that shows:

  • During the past year, how many minutes of music have you listened to.

  • Your most streamed song and how many times you listened to it.

  • You played the top artist and listened to their songs for the most minutes.

  • What was the top album you listened to and how many times you played it.

  • Five of your favorite music genres.

You can view your Apple Music 2022 Replay highlight reel here:

  1. The Apple Music web player can be found at

  2. Sign in with your Apple ID credentials by clicking the Sign In button in the upper-right corner.

  3. Click the Get Started button on the Replay screen.

Your Apple Music Replay highlight reel will now display your stats as tiles.

You can explore more details about your Apple Music listening stats in 2023 after viewing your highlight reel, including:
  • Your top ten songs (and the number of times you listened to them).

  • In total playtime minutes, the number of artists you listened to, and the top 10 artists you listened to.

  • Your top ten albums and the number of albums you listened to in the past year.

  • Listening time for your top playlists.

Apple may not make the 2022 highlight reel available for a long period of time, so it is best to view yours as soon as possible.

Apple Music Replay 2023 is here: How to find your top songs, artists, albums, and more


Every year, Apple Music Replay is one of the most anticipated launches for Apple Music subscribers. Subscribers are able to view an annual review of their listening habits, including top songs, albums, listening statistics, and more. This year, Apple has a number of updates planned to improve the Apple Music Replay experience in comparison with Spotify Wrapped (which has not yet been released).

Below are the full details on how you can find your Apple Music 2022 Replay year in review as we approach the end of 2022.

A notable difference between Apple Music Replay and Spotify Wrapped is that Apple Music Replay is available and updated throughout the year. As a result, you will be able to track your Apple Music listening habits throughout the year. However, it is most common for people to access their Apple Music Replay data at the end of the year.

How to find your Apple Music Replay 2023 year-in-review stats

As we’ve detailed over the years, Apple Music Replay is limited in scope compared to Spotify Wrapped. In fact, you can’t even access Apple Music Replay directly in the Apple Music application. You can view your Replay playlists in the Apple Music “Listen Now” tab, but you have to visit the Apple Music website for the full details.

To find your Apple Music Replay 2022 year in review, head to the Apple Music Replay website in your browser of choice. Once you sign in with your Apple Music account, you’ll be presented with all the details on your Apple Music listening habits throughout the year.

Here’s what Apple says about the process:

  1. Listen to enough music to qualify. Gauge qualification with a personalized progress bar on the Replay website. Both playlist and insights eligibility happens with the same listening threshold.
  2. Once a user is eligible for Replay, they can visit
  3. Explore listening stats, listen on the site, and share.

This year, the design features a card-based interface similar to Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories. You can tap through each of the cards to view listening data.


What about Spotify Wrapped?

With 2022 almost coming to an end, Apple Music is providing its users with a highlight of their listening statistics in the past year, dubbed Apple Music Replay. Apple Music Replay highlights your listening habits throughout the year on the music streaming service.

So while Spotify fans enjoy their Spotify Wrapped highlights, Apple Music fans can also join in the fun. We’ll show you how to view your Apple Music Replay 2022 statistics. But first, let’s start with the basics.

How to View Your Apple Music Replay 2023

You must be a subscriber to Apple Music’s subscription plans in order to access your Apple Music Replay. As you will see from the guide, you cannot view your Apple Music Replay highlights inside the app. It can only be accessed through a browser.

Apart from that, follow these steps to view your Apple Music Replay 2022 statistics:

  1. Go to
  2. Tap Get Started and sign in using your Apple ID. Once you’re signed in, you will be able to access Apple Music Replay’s dashboard.
  3. Tap Play highlight reel to view a highlight of your listening statistics in the past year. After you’ve seen your highlight, that button will change to Play highlight reel again.
  4. Next, scroll down the page to view your complete statistics.


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